Helpful Tips For Feeding Your Baby On The Go - Breastmilk or Formula

Being a first time mum, there are so many 'first times' for things that usually you wouldn't be worried about & now that you're responsible for a whole little human being, it can be quite daunting going out for the first time. It may be for a quick stroll to the park, or you're planning for a big day out, either way the best tip is to be prepared for the unexpected. 

Being organised will alleviate a lot of stress and will help you feel more prepared for the day. Here's some handy tips to help you enjoy your day out with your little one. 

Breastfeeding on the go

Aren't you lucky, you literally have babies milk prepared & on tap ready to go without having to prepare anything. You'll just need to mentally prepare yourself to feel comfortable, breastfeeding in public. It's completely understandable to feel uncomfortable for your first time and it'll just take a couple of times for you to find comfort in knowing that it's completely normal and baby needs to be fed. Start with finding a quiet area with less people around and bring your breathable nursing cloth to make you and baby feel as comfortable as possible. 

Express feeding on the go

You can transport expressed breastmilk in an insulated container like an esky or cooler bag with one or more freezer bricks, either frozen or fresh, if the milk has thawed, use it within 4 hours and don’t refreeze it.

If you're planning on going to a family/friends home or work, place the labelled breastmilk in the fridge as soon as you arrive or in the freezer if it’s still frozen.

You can give your baby expressed breastmilk with a cup, spoon or bottle. Warm your container of breastmilk by placing it in warm water. Use fresh breastmilk first if you have some, but if you’re using frozen breastmilk, you can thaw it by placing it in either cool or warm water.

Test the temperature of the milk before feeding your baby. The temperature should be lukewarm or around body temperature. Some babies don’t mind milk that has been thawed but not warmed.

Bottle feeding on the go (Formula) 

Preparing bottles for the day requires you to plan ahead. 

You'll need:

  • Formula container, our four compartment container is ideal for travel and being out and about as it will hold your pre-measured formula in each compartment
  • A vacuum flask of hot, just-boiled water
  • 2 x sterilised feeding bottles 
  • A baby bottle bag or a baby bag with a bottle compartment

When you’re out and it’s time to feed your baby, simply add the correct amount of hot water (it has to be hot to kill any bacteria), put the right amount of formula in, according to your formula brand, and give it a shake, wait for it to cool to the right temperature. 

Our Mooki bottles fit in every cup holder & are perfect for travel/on the go with one-of-a-kind, Snap-on Cap to prevent losing your baby bottle lids whilst you're enjoying your day out. 


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